Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Robert Anton Wilson aka RAW
Update June 13th: this course got postponed, as Bob doesn't feel so good right now....

The Venerable Bob will teach another course for the summer season, and this looks like the accumulator we have all waited for - finally tackling Korzybski and Bandler's NLP - and throwing Leary and Ezra Pound into the mix.

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Richard Bandler - co-founder of NLP
Learn how to really "think outside the box" in an 8 week journey though Korzybski's non-aristotelian semantics, Bandler's neuro-linguistic programming and Pound's ideogramics all united with Leary's model of the 8 circuits of evolution. Summer fun for your brain.
Alfred Korzybski - who started the whole thing with General Semantics
All reading material online and included with course.

8 week course from
June 19 - August 13, 2006

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misterWalk said...

If I can come up with the cash, or get another Scholorship...I'm so there!


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