Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Human Boy USA

As Bobby Digital.

If You’re Feeling Sinister: "holy bullshit!" has meticulously calculated/fabricated an observable interdependence between: The Verbal Non-Experiential: Milton Model & The Nonverbal Experiential: Meta Model, the flux of which inevitably accounts for Queef Monster Attacks!? Pop Your Collar!

Huge battle raging; Apex of Sensation;senseless murder/BOOM! Alchemists attempt the transubstantiation into:"Bad Ass Mother Fuckers" Planted firmly within the cradle of Reverberated Relations rippling from an omnipresent clear light flicker flame. All player haters get swiss cheesed up!

I’m at a bar last night and see this plucky young blonde w/ an actual otherworldly somesuch: The ancient origami of our Genetic Memory within a fun house of mirrors with only its own impetus to follow-follow-follow until the fluid insta-creative substrate of our experiential being Opens Crossed Body/Mind Matrices (feeling how you think/thinking how you feel) Any money on the ground is a bet!

The Spirit in the Sky blasts Open and everybody Chills! Neutral Safety Switch, Burn a dutch & RELAX! The potential immediacy of experiential perfection; when brought to adequately conscious scrutiny melds a marked slanting of the Mind/Breath UNITY based exclusively on a fantasy world of my fabrication; Lungs Flap Angel Wings! And there’s a very real applicable energy in that orientation; what one might call: Moxy. "and perfect love shall bring peace forevermore"

Tim Finnegan Jumps Off a ladder drunk; utters the Magick Word “Rosebud” (For Lost Xanadu!) and is revived @ his wake having Brew tossed over his head. That which killed you also resurrected you. “HOLY CANOLIES MY BOOKS ARE READING ME!!!!!” You can be sure I then regarded the story of our ages with an eye of suspicion; As for this convoluted Bio-Memetic cauldron of origination (within the belly of Yog Sothoth; why not!?) In order to perpetuate open/flexibility of “mind” I absorb isomorphic catalysts; such as:

A Ravishing Relic of “Hungry Ghost” in the Blue Egg (cradle rocked) imprinting the PLOT of DNA. Told The Good, The Bad and then...THEN! The Transformation. Fuck the Bullshit it’s clobberin’ time! "Instead of Prison Walls Bloom Flowery Fields" and tears BURST out my wig! The Redemption of Mankind occurs simultaneously w/ the comprehension of the primordial creative act; and the walls dissolve within a Non-Local Dimension; no differentiation between the comprehension of the act and the manifestation of the act could rightfully exist.

Meaning: As nothingness bubbles…The entirety of space-time would reconstruct from Marion Davies’ Vagina! At which point I lept out of my Infinite Head Matrix into the Forever Incredible! Like Pretty Toney Suggesting a 3 taco lunch for the monkey w/ semen stained pants. A New Born Babe taught meditation as preparing a clockspring Cup cooking w/ gas. Boy that really zapped me! Tension of topic pulling me increasingly into momentary behavioral statistics with personal opinion seamlessly superimposed atop the surface mystery. Pleasure feels Totally Awesome!

Build me up Buttercup with an Orange Soda and Inclusively Playful Telekinesis “stepping through this motherfucker just ah swinging my hair!”(Blunt)Conventional Samvrti & (Subtle)Ultimate Paramartha Smelting my Parsel-Tongue in River absent of concept:

The Structure Cannot Recognize the Actuality of Incomprehension

After writing out my starry eyed incantation, I studied it with a sly satisfaction. The Phrase has no Meaning and practically says so itself, and as such since the Meaningless Phrase demonstrates its own insignificance; perhaps it means something after all??? but it doesn’t! It’s a Fake formulation of knowledge, yet it seems to gravitate ever closer to the illusion of legitimacy w/ each exclamation of its incoherence! (Elsewhere: Orson Welles kicks some fool in they assbone!)

{A Haphazard Cut Up: Mix/Mush of my text from the 8 Dimensions of "Mind" class}
Next: Quantum Psychology!

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Brooklyn Cherry POP!
My first Wet Noodle.


mc Ben! said...

Any money on the ground IS a bet!

Bogus Magus said...

aha ahhahahaha hahahaha

hilarious Bobby - I knew I missed something when I passed up on the 8 Dimensions of Mind course (although I have enjoyed Antero Alli's take on this model in the last few weeks.

I have a real soft spot for cutups. Did you use software or scissors? Did you cut down the middle of a page like Burroughs, or cut up single words, like Tristan Tzara and David Bowie, and draw them out of a hat?

Unknown said...

Good Laugh! Thanks!

I mostly just went into the word file, deleted everything I didn't like & put the rest together like a puzzle. Felt not unlike a B.S. enema!


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