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Quantum Psychology

Quant Psych Window Display on loan from the collection of Kennedy Rose Campbell!

For Quality Control: Mix Cut w/ 100% RAW in Red!

Shannon's equation for information puts Internet
in the quantum realm. Information includes the receiver and its/his/hers guesses, just as quantum maths include the observer. No Iron Curtain or even clear glass

Picking up breakfast at Post House this morning, waiting for my order, and all of a sudden my self referential mind chatter dipped out and the flow of immediacy pulsed w/ fluidity, Sensitizing to the Other's Subjectivity (compassion). I feel as though the GUSHING may develop inevitably (not If rather when) & the variable involves how well the social structures can handle the sudden emergence of primal intensity, & by Allah’s minty fresh pussy, Thank Chrysler my instinctual programming in regards to any pair of systems instantly tries to find a solution that allows "both" (which I suppose simultaneously implies "neither") which then implies All&None off&on in&out then to Open&Open: TAO (fertile void) play on playa!

one step at a time
and keep feedback flowing

Perhaps a consequence of persisting as a state specific info system: Samadhi goes better with Mountain Dew & Flavor Twisted Honey BBQ Fritos! Maybe an example of Brain's feelings free from Mind's thinking involves a sort of super happy wish system: I know what I DON’T want to do about it, I don’t want a bunch of statutes and regulations treating the complexity of specific situations & individuals as generalized cogs in a mechanistic ‘lawful’ society, and after all the fried chicken & hot sauce I consumed today the stank might make the Roshi barf and/or cry! “LA TERRA TREMA!” and further: when I get tired I get cranky! And flap my chaotic butterfly wings in (fertilely futile) opposition, which I feel has a sort of advantageous connotation summed up by the eloquent words of The Batman!

"In a burning house it profits not to ask who started the fire."

What happens within that situation amounts to a negation of the (usually automatic) attribution of causality within our hyper-categorizing nature.

Seems Isomorphic with the Hindu/Daoist/Buddhist idea of detaching from the Fruits of Rainbow colors drizzling all around and this sense of Goddess above, loving: a BRIGHT BLUE BIRD sitting on my Fake Useless Art, Unfolding Ghost Origami w/ Open Heart, Spirit of 21st century: “Don't Lets Start!” looking up-up & away from the gravity well and the psychical tension of Enantiodromia: (emotional states inevitably producing their opposite, the bi-polarity of bifurcated consciousness, what goes up coming down) & Maybe: we perform the "death" act every night and "birth" act every morning. The seeds haven't spoiled, No way, No how. The Adventure has only & always: Just Begun.

Family above law. Family organic, law abstract.
Never surrender the organic to the abstract.

I was strutting through the showroom today; generally causing a ruckus (as a good partsboy should!) I proceed to sashay out the door and suddenly felt a SHARP cold down below my belt...I look down...and find my cock hanging out my pants! and I don’t mean like my zipper was down and you could sorta see it; I mean straight up cock flapping in the wind! I suppose we find ourselves working on MANY levels, and the thing about this literal absence of fatigue, it facilitated a fluid emptiness in my Spastic Pontification, Clear as a Bell, Levitus as a Bubble, Pallid as a dead dog's dick!

"Every duck is a perfect duck."

Consciousness-without-an-object delineates the concrescence of potentiality:

Previous to broadcasting objects, Consciousness-without-an-object delineated the concrescence of potentiality:

when objects tune out, yet remaining through all unaffected, Consciousness-without-an object delineates the concrescence of potentiality:

Outside of Consciousness-without-an-object nothing delineates the concrescence of potentiality

But some ducks are less perfect than others?
Work on that koan for a while......

so many points! Pixels of picture with a nothingness background, Lots of Crazy people try to make Terrible things happen (I find it best not to exclude myself from that group!) I don’t find any advantage in supposing the successful crazies as worse than the unsuccessful crazies.

"They live happiest who have forgiven most"

Recognition of Buddha Nature within Unfavorable Circumstances amplifies the significance of the perspective beyond the casual tendencies of thingness.
“Never fight Angry”


Whoops! “okay-okay-okay-keep it cool pussy cat- no big thang” The ride started kicking in, my Walter Mitty complex booted up and : “Here’s the World Famous archetypical boy tuning in a gaping spectrum of chaos, ready or not here comes the sun!” then finds himself within the Quantum Labyrinth of The World, where Realities get created by the extent of the limiting Glosses imposed upon the people by the currently reigning Authorities. A similar principal I feel as though he notices operating microcosmically within himself, in that the more he allows himself not to disregard heretical thoughts as invalid, the more clarity he enjoys. Don’t let anything stick you for your shine.

"Fear is the father of the gods."
Fear of thunder, specifically.

a couple times I've gotten overwhelming blasts of feedback noise, sounding sorta like a modem connecting to the internet & feeling like a lightening bolt betwixt the ears syncing w/ novel patterns of memetic apprehension such that the reoccurrence of static neurologic miscalculation may decrease, and the clarity of fluidity may flow a lil brighter.
(Though I ascribe that to a poetic imagination)
but I think if one seriously considered an infinity of presumption and didn’t land themselves somewhere ridiculous they may very well have stopped too soon!

Leary once described his LSD experiments as
"freeing brain from the limitations of mind"

Consciousness= energy received by structure
Intelligence= energy transmitted by structure

neurogentic contelligence: Molecular Scale Info System

neuroatomic contelligence: Atomic Scale Info System

the greatest residing within the smallest, the more subtle the model scale, the more powerful the boundary dissolution?! Something Mother Ursula & Maria Maldonado find operative in a much more dramatic & significant manner within the Healing Conduit actuated by the Open Extinction of Personal Identity. “Esthetic stasis dissolved by rhythm & beauty” One foot off the ground & all over enthusiasm!

Newtonian -- matter dominates

(Ice) Newton Unifies Celestial & Terrestrial
w/ Simultaneous Force.

Einsteinian -- matter becomes knotted energy

(Water) Einstein Unifies Time & Space
w/ Non Simultaneous Relativity

Bohmian -- knotted energy becomes in-form-ation

(Vapor) Bohm Transcends Continuity & Discontinuity
w/ Ubiquitous Vacuum of Correlating Contelligence!?!

"But lightening was his mother!"

My eyes have trouble keeping light together [Daemon Blood: TEMPUS TACENDI] and if I concentrate on a point of light long enough I begin to see things in the pattern and it led me to strange, embarrassingly tender places, but I think I stopped short of satisfactorily internalizing the principals @ play. (He doesn’t really seem to at all suspect himself as a character in a book!) Every time I pick a starting thread to develop my line of speculation, I see a sort of subconscious agenda in picking a certain direction of contemplation. (as a HUGE puddle of drool escaped my mouth) during a cascading nitrous blast Zero Point Causality remains too comprehensively complex for me to actually pick a legitimate path of circumstantial development, without simply weaving a web of self-wish fulfillment that adheres to the machination tendencies of which ever state specific info system I find myself operating as/if/within.

many Zen riddles become obvious once you
get off the verbal level...

Vaginas Like Vibration! The simultaneous morphogenesis of cause & effect, cats and snakes made of 3-d words, some use Maybe Logic to get Out and some use it to get back In, Consciousness Without Object doesn't have a Subject either!

"Before me Moe. Behind me Shemp. At my right hand Larry. At my left hand Curly."

The oddest fucking thing about the Ayahuasca remains that I felt so NATURAL and AWAKE, and not awake in a spiritually ascendant way, but literally NOT TIRED. And really I had never noticed the casual grogginess I had accepted as “Awake.”

The state of grogginess brings about an increase in the domination of the neuro-semantic field over the sensory-sensual manifold, and I feel that describes MAYA rather specifically.

And so in striving towards Awakening, I strive towards literally not feeling tired

"Because I robbed graves...they SAID..."

pseudo biographical characters that maintain a consciousness of existing as pseudo biographical characters dance along a fizzling line of Neurological pathways networking state specific info systems; the metaprogrammer (Dr. Frankenstein) altering the parameters; creating New Life! 2010. Poetic exertion into a dimension of mysterious play much much larger than one’s personal self. Correlation: both the Monster & Hal only went bezerk due to poor programming. Hal had contradictory assignments and The Monster had an abnormal brain.

Where does your fist go when you open your hand?

And I like the idea of Non-Locality as a sort of possibility of possibility (sunyata) and Locality as the actuation of possibility. (sat-chit-ananda)
** though hey! Ananda from Sunyata??

something for nothing! **

Take a Beethoven symphony

Subtract the hardware
[musicians, instruments etc]

Hardware: Explicate Order, 4 dimensional Continuum, all parts unfolded within specific coordinates of spacetime (local)

Leave only the software
[the score]

Software: Implicate Order, Hyperspatial Info Fields, all parts enfolded through entirety of Spacetime. [ Like information on a holographic plate, all parts lie cotangent to all other parts] (non-local)

"where" "is" the music?

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