Monday, December 19, 2005

Same as it ever was...

Little magazines (OK 'zines) often flounder and disappear when the editor ends up writing all the stuff.

We know this. I set this blog up as a flexible alternative to trying to get people to write for the Maybe Quarterly. Fortunately, as you can see in that latest issue, people have risen to that challenge, so this blog might perhaps have fulfilled its purpose.

I feel inclined to leave it online, even if (at the moment) it seems to have turned into a one-man show (blush). Anyone who takes MLA courses gets access to the general forum, and anyone in the general forum can offer to contribute to this blog, keeping complete control over their posts, which you can hide or reveal, edit and delete, as you feel. That offer still stands. If you don't like the idea of sharing, I recommend starting your own blog anyway - - as have several MLA people. You can find links to their fascinating individual blogs on the right of this page.

Anyway, it seems we have an audience far and wide - I only put the link monitor on a few days ago...and look where people arrive from!

Hi and hello to everyone, sorry that I write all this in English...

One good bit of news - MLA Admin announced that anyone who signs up for a 2006 course ALSO gets a free membership to the general forum (currently $60 per year), which should liven up the cross-fertilization of minds.

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