Friday, October 13, 2006

Good Jokes

fuzzbuddy just pointed us to an hour of Bob in his prime on video.

Enjoy it here on Google Video.

If you want a downloadable version, get over to Grey Lodge.

As they say:

Several people have asked for 'downloadable' copies of this movie. So, here it is. Recorded in Santa Cruz California in 1990, Bob talks about The DaVinci Code long before it was even a glint in Dan Brown's eye. ;) I have also included links to the Google video and YouTube copies as well. The torrent is a DivX rip of a DVD, made from the original high 8mm copy of the movie. Includes the Q and A session as well as the talk. Enjoy, seed and share, share share.Also, if you like this video and enoy Bob and his ideas, pop over and make a donation. Every little bit helps.

1 comment:

Bogus Magus said...

Seemed an appropriate thing to watch on Crowley's birthday, followed by Friday 13th!


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