Thursday, October 05, 2006

Situation improving

The flood of contributions has covered Bob's bills for this month - and his situation has stabilized.

Feel free to contribute, of course (always nice to pay for someone's medicinal dope cookies!)

I noticed in the (mostly delightful) Comments and contributions on Douglas Rushkoff's site that a couple of people thought of it as (or at least called it) an internet scam. You can go to RAW's official site to see that contributions to that PayPal address definitely go directly to him.

I also noted the usual nonsense (whining - "I could do with some money too" - or "why should I have to pay for his inability to deal with money" - even a Viagra ad from someone called 'dickhead' or some such) - which I either take as clumsy jokes, or really sad people who prefer to send bad vibes, rather than simply ignore something they do not wish to contribute to. They probably think of themselves as nihilist punk comedians, or chaotic magicians, but I can't even raise the energy to flame them.

One of the things I find most delightful about Bob remains his immense tolerance, his preference for positive thought and action, and even when saying rude things about people like Bush he usually adds a disclaimer that he may not have all the facts, or have assessed the situation accurately (he calls it 'checking to see if he has acted like a Cosmic Schmuck').

Hooray for our side...

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