Friday, October 27, 2006

Great Minds...

I want to tell you a little about one of our most prolific contributors (to courses, forums, the Maybe Quarterly and this blog). You can find links to all Bobby's pictures and words, thought-forms and jokes, in the Index (at right of page).
Madison Underground Press
He and his crew over at Madison Underground Press produce all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff, and art in many styles. Have a look in their store for Fun time Comics, and/or Okey-Dokey... And think how much free art you can find if you check out that Index, like I told you...

In fact, why not check out all the links we offer (very little slack or filler around here).
Insider's Guide - great resource
Go look at the MLA shop, and you will see the general forum will only cost you $60 for a whole year. You can come hang out, and test the waters, if you don’t feel like diving into one of the online courses. You’ll find some interesting people. Hidden behind the avatars you may find artists like Bobby, published authors (like Erik Wagner who wrote a great intro to the work of our founder, Robert Anton Wilson) and John Higgs (see previous post), sound engineers like Oz Fritz (All Around the World), DJ Fly Acrillic (another major contributor to all MLA projects), rappers, musicians, magicians, healers, tricksters - old and young. Come and hang out...high IQs welcome, but please remember to pack your sense of humour, too. Many of us simply have day jobs, and then come chill out with great minds from all over the planet.
All Around The World - Oz Fritz
I enjoy getting to hear samples of people’s music, see advance copies of (for instance) Fun Time Comix #7 and Suburban Legend Comics Issue 4, get great links and gossip and conversation, recommended films and books, a reading group, etc. For $5 a month? Not bad, huh? If you decide to do a course you get access to the general forum thrown in for free! Even better!
Mind Spray
DJ Fly Agaric 23

A few more: How about Prop and crew - MindSpray ep album “What’s Inside?”, or Fly Agaric 23's book of poems "World Piss" and his musical stuff on MySpace

I don't try hip street talk (I hit 60 this year) to praise this stuff (I'll just sound like a Cosmic Schmuck) but I like the stuff these guys do. Check it out.

OK, I sometimes say provocative things, I admit (in the privacy of the forum I don’t feel the need for the kind of careful choice of words I make out here) – but generally we offer a pretty friendly place and a warm welcome – following RAW’s one and only rule:

If you can’t achieve tolerance, at least attempt courtesy.

So even when discussions get heated (and they can and do) you won’t find any stupid flaming. We don't have moderators, censors or filters, we have a self-organising may want to respect people's privacy, of course, and feel free to wear a mask yourself...

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