Thursday, April 26, 2007

moon phases module

I have added a nifty piece of software into the regular links down the side, to go with the 'Pataphysical Calendar, showing the phases of the moon - one of the few astronomical events most people can recognise, observe and share (apart from sunrise and sunset).

Astrology has begun to emerge as 'interesting' around the MLA - with a recommended course coming up later in the year, for people who think of it as merely newspaper trivia (Sun Signs).

NB: this blog does not have links to the Admin side of MLA, so has no pretensions to objectivity. If you would like to check out ALL the MLA courses, past present and future, go here.

I referred to this course by Antero Alli

Astrologik: Astrology Without Tears 8 week course: October 29 - December 22

Part of Antero's Intro:

We are made from the stuff of stars. When Aleister Crowley suggested that "every man and woman is a star" he could have been talking about our astrological Sun signs. Though the out-there Sun is a star, it also symbolizes a dynamic process of molting Self-realization within us. Though everybody has a Sun sign, not everybody lives as Self-realizing stars. This crash course in horoscope interpretation introduces the rudimentary building blocks of astrology -- planets, houses, aspects and signs -- towards an accurate, down-to-earth yet imaginative translation of your own map (horoscope) towards access the territory of realizing your fullest potential. Your Sun sign amounts to about 15% of your horoscope; the rest of the astrological symbols represent a multidimensional network of influences that constantly challenge and/or support this process of Self-realization, of becoming "as a Star."

I have known the study and practice of astrology as an adventure. After almost thirty years as a professional astrologer, I have also discovered that astrology doesn't require my belief to work. In fact, I don't believe in astrology; I use it because it works. You do not need to believe in astrology to do this course. You just have to be willing to learn a new language and find out for yourself whatever degree it works for you. When approached as a language -- and not a science or philosophy or belief system -- astrology can help us articulate the characteristics and tendencies of living forces in our daily lives.

"...Antero Alli is the architect of a rowdy and iridescent system of astrology that liberates and never ensnares. He can shock you in the friendliest ways and teach you how to teach yourself..." -- Rob Brezsny, columnist/author

As added interest - what originally got published as The Complete Astrological Writings of Aleister Crowley did not contain everything he wrote on the subject. A new compilation has revealed that he ghost wrote a couple of major texts on behalf of Evangeline Adams. This new version, now an official OTO study text, contains much to enjoy. As usual, he cuts away waffle, and makes the process clear. The book also contains examples of his savage wit (probably a disguised attack on Adams when she failed to acknowledge him, or pay him a share, when she turned the project into a real money-spinner). I still recommend Antero Alli's course, for its modern approach, but if one can get over the idea that Crowley somehow represents 'evil, etc' [demonized by some of the press, he chose to work up that image rather than deny it!] then you might recognise that he studied Classics, English Literature and Science at Cambridge University - had deep knowledge, a sharp mind, and a great deal of wit.

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