Saturday, June 18, 2005

You have to start somewhere...

...but maybe you can't get there from here!

For nearly a year, now, an interesting group of people have met up in the general forum of the Maybe Logic Academy. We have also attended various online courses. A magazine Maybe Quarterly emerged as part of the creativity in the group. The third issue comes out on the Summer Solstice, next week, on June 21st. It forms an archive of long-term creativity of the MLA members. The current two issues remain online for your amusement and amazement.

In such a fast-moving environment this does not always seem to respond quickly enough to our group mind. At the same time, as we find ourselves scattered around the globe, it has not proved easy to meet up in the Chat Room because of the differences in time zones.

As we really enjoy each other's company, and our (sometimes perhaps obscure) interests, we mostly seem content to meet in the forum. Unfortunately, even $60 per year as a subscription might prevent some new people from coming to visit. We thought of starting a blog, as a slightly faster-reacting online publishing point, and (perhaps) taster for potential members, containing stuff like found material we enjoyed, some drafts of our own emergent ideas, and links to sites we recommend.

We may eventually ask to put a blog on the MLA home server, but I thought it might amuse us all to just start first, and think afterwards...that way, we could all get familiar with the Blog tools...

Things may change.


Unknown said...

I remember back in the 8 Dimensions of "Mind" class, a fella took to complaining of disapointment because he thought entering the Academy would have the effect of living the adventure of a Robert Anton Wilson book...

I haven't found myself AT ALL in a position to lodge a similar complaint!

Toby said...

I know what you mean Bobby.

I have enjoyed the last year more than I have enjoyed myself for a while (and my life seems quite fun to me anyway!)

It felt like visiting the best sites at Glastonbury Festival and Burning Man and hanging out all hours of the day and night with interesting people.

How could I get bored?

What would I have said to that fella? If you wanna feel like a character in a novel, I guess we could write you in...


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