Thursday, July 28, 2005

mind spread out

inside this body

electro neuro spirits spoke
so it happens
I made a call on the home phone line away
translated in relation to anything
added up to previous complicated selves

conversation faded out
its time to go back but this seem interesting enough
three cop cars are in the parking lot
eating the surroundings
drinking the falling sky
listening closely
traveling back in time


pd said...

all sounds pft

recorded on
- October 24 2004
- February 8 2005
- August 7 2005

pd said...

and August 4 2005 with Sam Flot

jomama said...

My brain w'out caffein in the morning and beer in the aft.

pd said...

more audio
$6 reno keyboard
added as days fly by
evolved from guitars
and .59 beats

pd said...
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