Thursday, January 25, 2007

And so dear friends, you'll just have to carry on...

...the dream is over... [John Lennon - God - 1970]

For full details of MLA activities you can always subscribe to the newsletter (check out Deep Leaf Productions or the Maybe Logic Academy links on the right) but we have a lot of interesting courses coming up this year, as well as a slightly different way of structuring things.

Update: MLA v 4.0 went live at

MLA has now got some areas open to the public, details on the link above, but in brief:

MLA campus and features are organized via three levels of access: Public, Registered, Student. Anyone can visit the site with access to the RAW Library, Info-Cache blog, Maybe Quarterly, MLA Forum (read only), etc. And anyone can also register with the site which enables one to post in the Public Forum, contribute to site content like Info-Cache blog, web archive, MQ, Public (chat) Lectures, etc. However only students have access to MLA student features like Personal Messages, Chat room, full MLA Forum, etc.

Semester System

MLA 4.0 begins the semester system. It's pretty simple: there are 6 courses from 2007 January - June; and six from July - December. If you take a Semester One course, you have full MLA Student Access through Semester One. If you enroll in a Semester Two course you'll have student access through Semester Two. Full 2007 student access is granted if you enroll as a full time student to either of the semesters.

2007 MLA Semester One

Inner Compass - Starhawk, Jan 29 - March 11
Timothy Leary - RU Sirius, Feb 26 - April 27
Mavericks of Medicine - David Jay Brown, March 19 - May 13
Earth As Teacher - Starhawk, April 23 - June 3
Angel Tech - Antero Alli, May 21 - July 15
Buddhist Tantra - Jonathan Landaw, June 18 - July 29

2007 MLA Semester Two

Goddess Path- Patricia Monaghan, July 16 - Sept 7
Crowley Tarot - Lon Milo DuQuette, Aug 13 - Sept 30
Visionary Art - Erik Davis, Sept 10 - Nov 4
Technologies of Persuasion - Douglas Rushkoff, Oct 1 - Nov 25
Astrologik - Antero Alli, Oct 29 - Dec 22
Altered States - Philip H Farber, Nov 26 - Jan

To think, that in 2004 Bob taught all the courses going!

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