Friday, January 26, 2007

Sleepers! A Wake!

Borsky just pointed me to a blog designed to co-ordinate commemorative meetings around the planet on February 18th (Gregorian calendar).

We had some details here, in the post of the 24th Jan.

Check out Rev. Clarry's blog (link also on right) for any updates on a possible European meet-up -in Belgium.

On Borsky's Link I noticed that Donnacha DeLong may try to set up something in London, UK - if you can help, or find the idea interesting...why not email

I just heard word from Acrilliq that he intends to have a party in the Northern parts of England - can I resist joining a band called The Maybes? :

I recently set up a tribute/memorial page on

Please spread the word and/or pop by, or maybe suggest some content. It's tricky picking friends for the RAW memorial cuz i don't wanna miss out anybody, especially from around here at MLA and environs. I intend to collect fragments from Lasagna happenings around the world and sprinkle some herbs and spices together with them.A PARTY! I have an event venue booked in the UK here in Stourbridge, (A skate park)

Just getting the sound system, budget, line up, projector, posters, Pasta and sauce together - yeah i'm busy with this! "MULTIMEDIA RAW CELEBRATION1-9pm, ticket price TBA.

Premier of Maybe Logic music video, and DVD give away. Plus bands The Maybes & Da'Blues, and DJs -Fly (Maybe Logic, Garaj Mahal)Kev (Super ape)Andy B (Jazzatronic) - YOU'RE ALL WELCOME.

Come join my surprise band - the maybes! Bring an instrument, join in - Jam, dance, celebrate...


The Mighty Doll said...

I run the RAW Remembered blog.

Can somone help me get in touch with Acrilliq?

Bogus Magus said...

I'll send his contact details to the RAW Remembered contact address, and/or you can email me on


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