Sunday, January 14, 2007

In Trixine # 23 (I guess obviously...)

Out sometime next week, will probably send free copies upon request.


Unknown said...

GREAT many thanks to quackenbush & his wonderful, w/out which; no dice

Toby said...

I really enjoyed Bob's haiku - and when I went to find them again I stumbled over a poem (presumably for Arlen)

Dove sta memora (where memory lives)

You have not snared her,
Scarecrow Death:
She's in my pulse,
My heart, my breath.
Eye sees only
Local hardware;
Brain conceives
Nonlocal software;
Brain knows more
Than eye can see:
Brain can scan

RAW poetry

Unknown said...

Previously I'd assumed it meant something like 'in loving memory' and had figured to use it since he always said it for Arlen and so maybe it'd work as something to say for him, though then I looked it up and saw that it actually responded to the hand/fist cartoon I made...and I dunno, Wow.

Bogus Magus said...

Heh – I wouldn’t trust my Italian, Bobby, but I like the idea that I can still find Bob 'where memory lives' and yeh it fits the picture poifectly, but as I understand it the phrase turns up in Pound’s Canto 63 as a quote from Cavalcanti’s poem Canzone d’Amore and Cookson gives the translation as: in quella parte…memora in that part… where memory lives.

I’ll put some other links and academic stuff up in the academic (sic) forum. Heh.


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