Friday, January 12, 2007

OM regrets...

we received an email today, which said:

Robert Anton Wilson passed away at 4:50 am this morning; 1/11/07.
I don't know any more than that, right where I'm sitting now.

Hail Bob!

Any sense of deja vu may arise from the fact that Bob wrote of his Life After Death in Cosmic Trigger 3 - in the first chapter I GOT RUN OVER ON THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

It starts:

According to reliable sources, I died on February 22, 1994 - George Washington's birthday. I felt nothing special or shocking at the time, and believed that I still sat at my word processor working on a novel called Bride of Illuminatus.

He covers a time when the Internet expanded a story, causing much confusion among RAW's family and friends. All the fun at Wilsons Wake. If you claimed to have talked to him, people suggested you might have met the CIA clone, or his twin brother, a virtual RAW.

I kinda hope this turns out the same, and I can't quite bring myself to say
Albert Hofmann

"There's no maybe about it this time."

Peace. Amor et Hilaritas. Hail Eris!
With exquisite timing, Robert Anton Wilson chose to leave on Albert Hofmann's 101st birthday, one week before his own 75th.

Oddly enough, another of my favourite author /gurus also died on the 11th, a few hours before Bob. The Headless Zen Master himself - D.E.Harding - died a few hours before Bob, at the age of 98.

PS: For more on Uncle Albert, check out the MAPS site, or my own blog post for his 100th, this time last year.

The Headless Way. (RAW loved the core text when I told him about it, he said it was his favourite book on Zen, before he had even finished reading it! - On Having No Head.)

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Kentroversy said...

I am so sorry to hear of Bob Wilson's passing. He was truly one of a kind.

He was a master magician with the English language, and the fact that he helped people to THINK DIFFERENTLY makes him one of the most influencial writers out there.

At this point, I am unsure who is going to step in and become as influencial ...

A truly sad day ...

Frater K. - 741
Ordo A .'. A .'.


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