Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Laughing and Crying...

Since everything is but an apparition
Perfect in being what it is,
having nothing to do with good and bad,
acceptance or rejection,
One may well burst out in laughter.


Well, here we find ourselves in the cyber-bardo state. In transition between our beloved, and relatively stable, Forum 3.0 and heading into the unknown with MLA 4.0.

Everything must pass, and we have joined Bob in the Bardo. I find myself preparing for R.U.Sirius's Timothy Leary course, which involves reading Greenfield's biography (which arrived this morning). People say it portrays a flawed human being, well Duh.

I believe McLuhan told him the smile would most annoy 'Them', especially when getting arrested
ah yes, the kind of Harvard professor I might have some respect for He came from an older generation than me, and in spite of all the theories of imprinting and change he had some of his generation's characteristics embedded in him. I didn't entirely trust him then (we had a slogan "Never Trust Anyone Over 30", and he had a job as a Harvard Professor of Psychology, which sounded like 'the enemy' at the time), but I grew to rather like him, for all his flaws. Try Randy Chase's interview, for a flavour of his mind.Tim in his drug room


moshido praxis said...

Looking forward to RU Sirius' Leary Seminar! I find that the number one problem with Leary Haters is not having read his books, articles, or lectures. Especially from 1961 thru 1977. Here is a pointer to a Harvard Review article from 1963--
Sample intro from this site to the article
"The Magna Carta of the academic Eastcoast hallucinogen scene of Leary/Alpert/Metzner, this 1963 one-off "drug" special from a local Harvard college magazine caused significant waves in the outside world. Editor Andrew Weil was apparently supportive enough of the IfIf crew to turn this magazine into something that looks like a dress rehearsal for the Psychedelic Review, whose debut issue appeared shortly afterwards---

Bogus Magus said...

I totally agree, Moshido!

He just got demonized as acid did.

Not to say we didn't have any casualties of The Sixties, but nothing like a war zone, for instance. :-(

From then on nobody seemed to listen to him much (Well, you, me, RAW and a few others!) - I guess when people work on character assassination with all the resources that governments and media have, they had no need to kill him and make him a martyr. Far better to marginalise him.

Thanks for the links, I may lift them into the post, in case people miss your Comments. Thanks muchly.


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