Friday, December 15, 2006

Not Dark Yet

We don't follow the Gregorian calendar that much @ the MLA, but I'll use it here for convenience. For RAW comment on multiple calendar use, check out this time last 'year'.

If you want to start planning your studies for '2007' Gregorian [or 1428 Islamic; 5768 Hebrew; 134 l'Ere Pataphysique, etc] then you can catch a glimpse of some amazing, upcoming courses on the MLA instructors page.

If you prefer to use (say) the 'Pataphysical Calendar you can work out the course dates for yourself, with the perpetual calendar which displays in the Right Hand Column. :-)

NB: The month 'Décervelage' translates as something like 'unbraining'...

You might want to investigate the ECOlogical Calendar...

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