Monday, December 04, 2006

FW - Pg 309, 12/04/06

Though perhaps somewhat battle ravaged I've come through now The Study Period. (Book II, Chapter 2)
Which to my great relief Joe C suggests as maybe the wake's most difficult episode, and ain't it though! 2 months it took me, my eyes pinballing around the page, jerked hastily about by endless footnotes, w/ shem & shaun annotating in the margins, and losing my place at every turn only to restart some elsewhere as it's all the same looking greek to me! Sometimes it would take days before I'd read through to where I already was, a time ago or 2 or 3. With on the page before the last, the 4th footnote: "I've lost the place, where was I?"

Supplimented by Ellmann's bio my Joyce study has become damn spooky, fucking hilarious, & a little sad.

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Bogus Magus said...

Pleased to hear you continue, Bobby.

I have to say my copy got put aside again, but I will get back to it, no doubt...

hey ho, so it goes...


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