Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waywords and Meansigns: recreating finnegans wake (in its whole wholume)

A spanking new project to record and interpret Finnegans Wake called 'waywords and meansigns' has been launched, and this drummer is very happy to be a contributor (to the second edition) scheduled for release later this summer. This first edition will be in orbit some time in the coming months, and features a diverse international mix of musicians and artists from across a spectrum of the arts.  

"Waywords and Meansigns is an upcoming audio version of James Joyce's famous text, Finnegans Wake, to be read in its entirety. The book will be divided into 17 sections, and there will be a different music/reader/performance group assigned to each section. Featuring established as well as up-and-coming artists, Waywords and Meansigns will offer a version of Joyce's work that is stimulating, accessible, and enjoyable to even the most casual of readers and listeners."

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce had been a fav/ book of Bobs, that he considered the greatest novel of all time. Listen to Dr Wilson cruise through some of the 'Shem The Penman' episode here, deploying his Brooklyn Irish brogue.

Robert Anton Wilson reads Finnegans Wake: Shem the Penman

There are plans for a second and a third edition of the project, so anybody reading this who would like to join this new adventure, please contact: waywordsandmeansigns @ gmail. com

"FW is what I call “The Good Book”, and I’m only half joking.  To me it’s not only the greatest novel ever written, it’s the greatest poem ever written, the greatest detective story ever written, and the most entertaining work in all literature, and as William York Tindall of Columbia says, it’s the funniest and dirtiest book in the world.   People are intimidated by it.  If the publishers just had the sense to put on the cover, “the funniest and dirtiest book in the world - Tindall, Columbia”, it would sell a lot better, and people would make the effort to decipher it.--Robert Anton Wilson.


Eric Wagner said...

Steve, where that last Bob quote come from?

Bogus Magus said...

I think it comes from a long interview, published here a couple of years back.


Eric Wagner said...



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