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bc comic made for Robert Anton Wilson's Tale of the Tribe MLA course (2005)

The funny chap w/ the wicked stash strut is supposed to be Ezra Pound, who wrote:

"4 times was the city rebuilded, Hooo Fasa
            Gassir, Hooo Fasa   dell' Italia tradita
now in the mind indestructible, Gassir, Hooo Fasa
with four giants at the four corners
and four gates mid wall Hooo Fasa
and a terrace the colour of stars"
-Canto 74 

RAW explains:

"Hooo mean somthing like hooray or hallelujah
Fasa = the tribe or the king

From an African "tale of the tribe"
collected by Frobenius

Wagadu = a divine, or magick, city
which existed four times 
and each time got lost again
first thru vanity
second thru lying
third thru greed
fourth thru feuding

Wagadu still exists in some sense
"in the mind indestructible"
and will appear again
when all people transcend
vanity, lies, greed and vendettta

Hooo Fasa

Hooo Fasa

gets repeated 10 times at the end of the song

Hooo Fasa "

and a George Kearns quote by way of Eric Wagner:

"...the unnamed African seekers of a city of the mind, Wagadu (both divinity and city), whom we come to recognize by their cry, "Hooo Fasa." They can metamorphose into each other, as they do in Frazer, to become Isis-Kuanon, Isis-Luna, Circe-Titania, or Adonis-Tamuz."

I take the "mind" Indestructible as the non-local class of all minds, which after all is No Mind!

RAW comments:

"You captured the essence of Pound's use of the Sudanese legend -- 
even though rain and industrial waste are hardly equal conditions 
in the death camp where a rapist and murderer was hanged every day.

Hooo Fasa"

Fair Enough!


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