Thursday, February 06, 2014

Time to Pull The Cosmic Trigger?

Time to Pull the Cosmic Trigger?
The Kazimier
4-5 Wolstenholme Sq. Liverpool, L1 4JJ.
Sunday, February 23rd, 4pm

Come and join the Discordians Heaven-bent on resurrecting the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of Illuminatus!

Fresh dispatches from John Higgs, author of "The KLF - Chaos, Magic and the Band that Burned a Million Pounds", with his talk: "I Blame Liverpool".

Never-before-seen filmed interview with Alan Moore, discussing all matters RAW.

Daisy Eris Campbell brings us up-to-date on the synchronic forces aligning in her mission to stage Cosmic Trigger.  Includes scenes from the play, with music, magick, puppetry, projections - and acting.
If you want to help us pull the Cosmic Trigger, there is nowhere else to be.

You can reserve your place HERE and it's £5 on the door. It's a good idea to reserve, but please don't unless you really are coming, otherwise well, it will be chaos - and we wouldn't want that ;)


Bogus Magus said...

Annoyingly, I will find myself nearby. If I couldn't go because it seemed too far away I wouldn't mind.

However, although only 50 miles away that day, I will be doing a gig, so almost certainly can't bridge the gap in time.

Sad but true.

Bobby Campbell said...

Ah, that's a shame! I'm far enough away that it hardly seems real anyways, and the eventual youtube video looms as a special treat.

Sarah said...

Im hoping for a cosmic trigger alignment to catapult me down from sunny jockland! It sound brilliant!

Bogus Magus said...

And here you can find a link to some of the mayhem:
Daisy Campbell & John Higgs in Liverpool


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