Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a life well lived

Albert Hofmann would have reached his 106th birthday today.

Astonishingly, he actually did celebrate his 102nd birthday, fit and healthy (as you can see here).

Because of his 'problem child' dominating his reputation, we may forget that he had a long career as a research scientist, and, according to this site

"His interest in synthesizing LSD involved a search for a stimulant that would help as a medicine for circulatory and respiratory illnesses."

"His work there led to numerous other discoveries including Hydergine, a medicine for improving circulation and cerebral function, and Dihydergot, a circulation and blood pressure stabilizing medicine."

So you could attribute his longevity to the spiritual peace and cheerfulness that he acquired from experimenting on himself - with the Hydergine and Dihydergot.  ;-)

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If you want to do something to mark the day, you might consider writing to Casey 'Freeblood' Hardison, sending him some stamps, or money.   

Drug Equality Alliance

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Today also marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Robert Anton Wilson (aged 74), and D.E. Harding (aged 97 - the "On Having No Head" author) - who contrived to die within hours of each other, on Albert's birthday.

Robert Anton Wilson week starts, over at Boing-Boing

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