Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Amen Brother

After Hangin' up me mouse last night, i dreamt

Amen, Amen brother. I can sure dig that beat.

One for the Winston's. Amen and drum nd' bass culture

Dansin' blayzing chronic times, sweaty times, Thunder bass whu wowu womb

And to the Funky Drummer: Clyde Amen brother, and the udder drummer

Bernard Purdie, and the other...

Drummers 1.2,3-4 like horses hoofin' it

Good god' the Break-bits, is there no school left?

Once rare Akai now popular Digital sampler software fully-

Loaded HTML SD

To King Tubby and Lee Perry, Sly and Miles

Amen, Peace

To the funny people who came again and again,

Paid their fees and maybe ate a few E's and got down

On their bare knees

With Whistles and Horns and lighters

Amen brother, heh heh Reconnected with Funk-Soul-Reggae roots roots

To the "Amen" break break, Church of Drum and Bass?

Congregations and splintered jungle sound orgies! Wap wap wum wum wum wum wum

This pom pom: A sample sample of term Word word, jams germs

Credit where credits due

Amen bro. NOW Now

Let the DJ DJ DJ DJ

Bee YU, Allmen.


Bogus Magus said...

Thanks for arriving in time to break up my monotonous monologue Fly!

Gotta keep the thing movin' an' all...

Steve Fly Agaric said...

Your welcome,

Haha, monotonous monologue. Thats seven o's.

Bogus Magus said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

yer right! heh


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