Friday, July 07, 2006

RAW deal

making some real money for the first time in my life...We have had OK reports about Bob's health (good news) but the eBay auctions continue anyway, and one possibility we had considered involved asking Bob to sign some currency of our own devising.

It seemed appropriate, as Bob has a whole routine about money and alternative economies, etc. If Emperor Norton could print his own money we feel that Bob should certainly have that right, too.

In the forums we started gambling with RAW Patatows (or possibly, for the 'Pataphysicians - 'Patatows - spellings do differ) and now Bobby, one of our resident artists, has excelled himself to produce the 'real' Patatow famine here!

I don't want to show them too large right now (we can't have people forging them! heh heh) but they look just beautiful, both sides...You can now bid for signed ones at eBay, here.
For related material, check out Emperor Norton's homemade dollars, J.S.G. Boggs, Peggy Preheim etc. We don't expect they will raise as much as the dollar bill that Warhol signed, ($340,388) but we'd enjoy it if they did!

Look out for the auction of these truly unique and literally priceless (or valueless?) objects that you can carry in your wallet with your Pope cards, etc.
[update links] Boggs at Wiki.
Boggs and Duchamp - link to following quote from In Boggs We Trust by Olav Velthuis:

Ultimately, the bill is not a dollar at all, at most a representation of it. The bill is real, but the dollar itself is an abstraction… just like God. Indeed, it is remarkable how fundamentally modern monetary systems are grafted onto religion. According to Boggs the invention of both money and God date from the same era, and the traces are still visible in our own days. Just think of the double meaning of words like "redeem," or the root of the word "credit"--it is a direct derivative of the Latin word for believing. The side of Dutch coins reads "God Is With Us," while "In God We Trust" is printed on American bills.


rmjon23 said...

You didn't attribute your quote at the end about religio et moolah. My guess? It was from Lawrence Weschler in an essay about JSG Boggs. Or MAYBE 'tis someone else?

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks rmjon23 - the quote actually came from the Boggs and Duchamp link, but I hadn't made that clear [I have added some clarification].
You can find a whole article in 'tout-fait' - the Marcel Duchamps online studies group magazine...that quote you will find on page two...
In Boggs We Trust
by Olav Velthuis


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