Sunday, January 08, 2006

on the spot zen recording studio space

the sound already on
music playing
instruments lay waiting
ready for moments notice on the flow through effect of life
and recording for prosperity
translated into infinate forms

sound not still but still
individual combined
or friends from other worlds
just getting to know before moving on into another existance

down on the carpet
the long red pathway rings string sliding

Having built a map of the picture
The scene clearly viewed

Observing the different actions, interactions, and the results
Played Back
Write it down

the structure inches from the floor

1 comment:

Bogus Magus said...

Heh - I love synchronous events - always a good sign.

I had just read fan notes about my son's album over at tribe ( and picked up a hint about a MuzakToy he had posted to his website, so I went over there to play with it. Just then I received an alert that you had posted here. heh


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