Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Edition of "The Psychopath's Bible"

Check out what arrived in the post last week!

Can't say I ever expected my name would end up on the cover of Christopher S. Hyatt's "The Psychopath's Bible" but here we are!

Available from New Falcon and Amazon.

This one features 13 new illustrations from me. Though the artwork was scripted, I was still able to have a great bit of fun with them.

I find this book to be something of a Trojan horse, and feel very happy to be amongst that which is hiding inside!

"All power to the brain. The creator of gods, ghosts, myths, fantasies, knowledge, beauty, and reference."


Steve Fly said...

Great to see you getting Props on the front cover, by name Bobby, and plenty of illustrations make the whole enterprise of communicatiing what may be found in the texts, bind. Bravo.

Alias Bogus said...

Excellent, Bobby - great to get some credit for all the work you produce.

I still agree with RAW's thing about dealing with paranoia.

The difference between a conspiracy and an affinity group is that when me and my friends do it it's an affinity group and when someone we don't like does it it's a conspiracy."

And on that note:
The plural of genius?

Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks fellas!

It was fun to work on something a bit out of my normal range.

I'm not exactly sure how to connect your comment on paranoia, Bogus.

I must admit I have not read the book, do you find it to be a paranoid work?

When I perused it mostly what jumped out at me were Hyatt's Nietzschean one-liners.

Alias Bogus said...

Ah, I guess I just wanted to put the quote in context, and then didn't even use the right quote. heh.

I intended to quote RAW saying something like "I prefer to define myself and my friends as the architects of the future" or whatever...not so much aimed at this particular book (which I didn't read yet) but at the outreach of your work and Fly's, etc.

I feel a little incoherent at the moment...

Alias Bogus said...

Fumbling and Bumbling along - finally I found the quote I intended.

"The difference between Conspiracy Digest and myself is that CD defines the Power Elite as somebody else. I always define the Power Elite as myself and my friends."

...which came to me while thinking (as ever) about self-help books (including this one) which appear to offer assistance escaping from repression/oppression by 'society' and 'rules' and 'laws' etc.

So I didn't mean to describe the book as paranoid. However, people still kicking to escape do seem to have accepted the mind-set of 'Listen, Little Man'. Amusing and intriguing as I find Mr Hyatt, I felt uneasy when I heard that rumour about his stealing some of his Reichian material, and not even transmitting it accurately (see my note from TotT, although Jack Willis does at least gets his name check here)...and I still have problems with overweight gurus who smoke and drink, telling me to take control of my life.

When someone mentioned something similar as a criticism of Richard Bandler (along the lines, if he can choose the life he wants, how come he's so overweight, etc) his defender (fairly enough) revealed the assumption behind that comment when he pointed out that that didn't prove Bandler's tactics and strategies didn't work. He might, after all, have chosen to eat, drink and be merry (obese). And AC 'chose' the life of a junkie, and wasn't a slave to his habits. Of course.

Well, yes, I thought, who can say? Not everyone might choose the 'fit body and mind' model. Some might choose to smoke, drink, get fat and die before their time.

Do you want to take their advice and criticism, though?

I still like your artwork. :-)

Bobby Campbell said...

Well that's a wide variety of objections!

Fair enough, Bogus, but it's all just fun and games to me!

Thx again :)

Alias Bogus said...

heh heh

Just in a ratty and provocative mood, Bobby! I can imagine what he might say about me!

In passing, I highly recommend that video you posted, of Christopher Hyatt in interview with 'Howard Campbell' (who I think we know as Ben Mack).

Definitely a valuable way to pass an hour or two...

Do I contradict myself, very well...etc.


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