Monday, May 24, 2010

If you like LOST try RAW! (and vice versa)

Co-Creator of LOST Damon Lindelof on RAW!

"My father was into the Illuminati and the number 23, so he was a big
reader of Robert Anton Wilson. So there was some intentionality behind
it, but we had no idea, no grand design behind the Numbers. But
suddenly, the No. 1 question stopped being ”What is the Monster?” and
went to being ”What do the Numbers mean?” This isn’t to say that the
Numbers don’t mean anything. We just had no idea it had this potential
to get totally out of control."

"The only number was always sort of a key number was 23, and anybody
who knows anything about Robert Anton Wilson or any of his writing can
read into that what they will. That's an important number in terms of
the scheme of the show."

ROBERT ANTON WILSON on the 23 Enigma:

Hulu will have the complete LOST saga available for free streaming through the rest of 2010

This post brought to you by the Buddhafart Novelty Company!


Bogus Magus said...

Thanks Bobby - great stuff if only I had the time to take it all in.

Fly seems to have a rock and flow thing going on right now - see his post at MLA, and we WILL get some sort of meet-up again quite soon (whether I contrive to shoot off to A'dam or cross paths with him in Oxford).

Google Wave didn't quite kick in for us all yet, but we seem to have quite a network of material building so I remain optimistic.

Onwards and Outwards!

The father theme seems strong, too, as I (rather late) have begun to feel more useful as a father, as you become a joyous father, as PropAnon writes about his extraordinary father for Reality Sandwich, and so on.

The law and the lawyers may prove some kind of resistance, but I suspect we have momentum behind us.

Alias Bogus said...

PS: forgot to say - the Lost material from Hulu doesn't currently work for people outside the USA.

I just watched Network. I forgot what a prescient film that seems (as 'the Network' increases its hold beyond television).

Fling open your window, and shout "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!"

Anonymous said...

OMG and I just bought a shirt from woot and didn't realize it was related to Lost! OK I will watch this sometime maybe.

Bobby Campbell said...

The full series is also available at (Though that site can be hard to navigate it's by far my favorite for TV/Movies)

I really enjoyed LOST, and found it's mainstream popularity very encouraging.

I figured it was worth throwing the RAW connection into the keyword mix. You never know!


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