Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dodgem Logic

It seems very likely that any visitor here (regular, occasional, or entirely new) might enjoy the work of Alan Moore, in one form or another, so we recommend a visit to the Dodgem Logic website for a little tantalising brain stimulation.

So far three editions have appeared, each with 'extras' like CDs, transfers, etc. Edition #2 comes with 3 alternative covers (take yer pick, or get completist about it).

And of course, our own previous entries - Alan's wonderful appearance at RAW's great sending off...introduced by the late, lamented and much missed Ken Campbell. Back in Sept 2007.


Unknown said...

That dodgem logic website appears to be hosed. :(

Bogus Magus said...

Aw, that's a shame Chris.

It does seem somewhat overambitious and loaded with tricks, but that sort of goes with the product, I guess.

It certainly opens and navigates for me in the UK, if a little slow to load or scan at times.

Steve Fly said...

I love Alan's local minded resilience and love of Northhampton that remains intact throughout his works. I think Dodgem Logic is setting the bar for what independent local art, multimedia and publications might look like, in a society where artists and writers can process and feed off the local' environment with a non-local consciousness, and get the support they deserve. Thanks Bogus.


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