Monday, May 03, 2010

Twenty Twelve Line Verses to 'the tale of the tribe' (v3.0)

Twenty Twelve Line Verses to 'the tale of the tribe' (v3.0) by Fly Agaric 23
To be printed as TWENTY TRIANGLES to construct a Icosohedron.(Gazebatron)
Thanks to Mark Pesce for kicking fwd/ this launch into 'hyperspace'

Holographish Cubed Earwicker
Ubermatrix Holocalips Translittering

Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson 
by Steven James Pratt 

W i l l i a m
Astrology Laureate
Automatic Visionary
Silver AppleMoon Golden Applesun
Oriental Spiritualist Dramatist

Return Pantheist
Philosophy Logic
Philologist Pastmoderniche
Continental JungFreud Superman
Spider lightning Spake Internet
Existential Perspectivist Genius
Organism Binding
Aristopple Intraverse
Geometry Symbolism Therapy

Magic Memory
Giordano Nolan
Hermetical Quintessence
Decentralized Models Cyberspace
Shadow Nickusa Gio Mnemonic
Heretical Transmigration Infinite
Writing Japanheart
Oriental Scholar
Holowriting dossier
Ideogram Metaprogram
Historical Kulture Proffessor
Economic Symbolism Structuring
Imagists Knickerbocker Logowriting

Bio Computer
Cybernetic Peaceful Filter
Automation Thinking Humanist
Neuro-linguistic Minded Holismgram

Writer Citizen Actor Director
Shakespearean Academy Screenplayer
Juxtaposing American Histographic

Thunder Rhetoric
Historicist Ribelle
Metaphysique Episteam Vichean

Spaceship Architect
Goes In For Structure Ezra Sez’
Dymaxion Design Scenario
Energetic Synergetix Manual

WarGame Zero Sum
Co-creator Internet
Revolutions Switching Fourier
Etching Digital Density Binary
Minimaxi Combinatrix Information

Imposition Orgone
Energetic Biofeedback
Omnipresent Dialectic Dynamo

Bio Interface
Cetacean Nation
Acoustical Linguistics
Interspecies Communication
Dyadic Cyclone Floatation mindtank

Taxonomic McLuhan
Vico Recorsi Timewave Novelty
Panspermia Cyberculture Psilocybin

Bohemian Startrek
Statistical Totality Gravity


Bogus Magus said...

Here's a template to make an icasahedron in paper

Anon the Librarian said...

Excellent video, by the way!

I always found Bob's books (both 'fiction' and 'non-fiction') tended to send me off looking at other stuff, rather than directing me back to his own work.

Even his online courses seemed to spend more time directing us away from his own stuff, to the big wide world of texts.

And he gave me a toe-hold in FW, too.

Steve Fly said...

Thanks for the template Bogus, I'll have an experiment with that, and possibly with a transparent medium. Great.

Yes, anon, Bob seemed to want us to think for ourselves about language and reality, and go to the source, wherever possible (or to the 'constellation' of sources, such as FW,Cantos, Science and Sanity and F For Fake etc.)

Toby said...

I've got as far as a 3-D mock-up (I've sent you a glimpse by email) - will tidy it down to a good copy, (currently just a prototype, etc.

Steve Fly said...

Fantubiluss Toby, thank you so much for taking the time to build, and for your kind help in 'realizing' a project.


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