Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New Word Order

The MLA site still needs convincing that a post has been accepted (which is why some people appear to post more than once - it rarely says your post has been completed).

This from Prop:

Hola gang - So I'm pretty much therewith ya'll in July.

Just need to smooth out a few details but I'm there

My own personal suggestion that might be cool for us to discuss is the possibility for WRITING A BOOK ABOUT BOB Robert Anton Wilson on Wiki
A collaborative book about thing things that Bob taught here at the MLA

So far there has only been one book about Bob's work

And we have the author among us!

I think the book needs to be written

And who better to write it than us.

If we write it, I feel confident that a publisher will quickly pick it up.

DJ Phly has started some notes towards The Tale of The Tribe (as we understand it) in the Maybes Wiki

Some of the Maybe Crew

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