Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turning Information into Knowledge?

Google Knowledge Graph getting rolled out as a new model.

As the Google car drove past my house this morning, updating the view of the street where I live,  I took it as a small synchronicity hint that I should also give this new model a try today.  I tried Bob:

Of course, this display will shift with the Feedback button under the thumbnails, but above you can see an initial sample.

Article on Mashable about this service (The long-awaited "Semantic Web" aka Knowledge Graph).

Give it a try, maybe?

Wilson: All we can say now is we got a model that seems to work -- for the present. It probably won't work in another ten years; the lifetime of models is getting shorter.
Walker: Why is this?
Wilson: Because of the information explosion: information is doubling faster all the time. It took from the time of Jesus to the time of Leonardo for one doubling of knowledge. The next doubling of knowledge was completed before the American Revolution, the next one by 1900, the next one by 1950, the next one by 1960. You see how [it keeps] moving faster? Now knowledge is doubling every eighteen months.
With all these new bits, bytes, blips of information, no model can last long because models only include the bytes of information that were available when the model was made. As new bytes of information come in it gets harder and harder to adjust our old models to include the new blips and beeps of information, so we've got to make new models.

KBOO-FM Interview with Robert Anton Wilson
by Cliff Walker
The 1990 (or so) interview with Robert Anton Wilson on KBOO FM, Portland, Oregon

Also check out the RAW Links on Bob's website


Anonymous said...

this is an interesting function. I have been using Yippy for about 2 months, which indexes its searches into usefull subcatagories on the side of the page. I am not sure how it works behind the scenes, but I have found some very interesting pages I have never seen in google's listings. I did use the one recomended by Raw for ages, Kartoo, but they have stripped it recently of what made it unique as a search engine, namely its graphical interface. you should check out yippy its quite usefull.

Anonymous said...

how do you get this apart from your link?

Toby said...

Funny you should ask, Andrew, because I can't find a clean way in - it seems like one of those stealth launch things again.
In the post there was a link "Give it a try, maybe" which goes to a mock up with the subject of Van Gogh, and I just changed the subject matter - which worked.
Try it here

Toby said...

Google have an introductory page here but after the blah their "Try it now" link still takes you to the Van Gogh sampler...


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