Thursday, June 14, 2012



I am very pleased to share w/ the previously uninitiated Eric Wagner's weblog: "Ask Eric" 
(Which can also now be found amongst the increasingly wonderful collection of newsfeeds in the OM sidebar)

I shd also like to help propagate the news that Eric will be teaching another wonderful class at the Maybe Logic Academy beginning August 13th!  Schrodinger's Cat: A Chronotransduction

Obviously and of course you shd also check out An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson: Eric’s indispensable exegesis on the hidden symbols and other jokes & profundities in RAW’s immortal works.  Along w/ my own accompanying artwork and Tom Jackson's interview w/ Eric about the book.

You could also listen to Eric's appearance on The RU Sirius Show #78: Robert Anton Wilson Lives!

For even further Wagnerian goodness check out Eric Wagner on RAW and Misunderstanding Finnegans Wake which tells the story behind this portrait of Mr. Wilson: "RAW BURGER"


Eric Wagner said...

Thank you for the kind words and mystic plugs. Listening to Satie and Debussy and finding this delightful surprise at Only Maybe makes the day look brighter.


Bobby Campbell said...

My pleasure!


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