Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Soon...

We have run this blog for nearly 3 years - since 18th June 2005 - during which time any original Blogger sites got migrated to Google servers (who stayed true to their word not to mess with it, but just offer Blogger more investment and resources, when they bought them in 2003).

We still don't know exactly how many people visit regularly, or just trip over us, but you may see some changes very soon. We may migrate.

(Hello in over 800 languages)

Next week, the Maybe Logic Academy (approaching 4 years of age) will migrate yet again (from version 4.0 to version 5.0), into an integrated Moodle setup.

Old timers may remember the various incarnations of the various forums and online courses, each with its own quirks, and anyone who hasn't visited the current campus (some areas of version 4.0 became open to visitors without registering) might want to take a peek now, before the changes due el lunes próximo.

Native English speakers remain ignorant of, or resistant to, other languages, as you can see in this UK drive to get students to even attempt a second language! (BBC story).

You can always have fun with a BabelFish.

Julie Zhu's artwork from Silverchips online magazine at Montgomery Blair High School (used without permission)

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Bogus Magus said...

For those who missed it, Uncle Albert died peacefully on the 29th, but I was offline...

He remained lucid until the end.

His wife died in December, so even at the age of 102 I guess he felt ready to leave...


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