Saturday, April 12, 2008

Worth a few minutes of anyone's time

One of the best informed contributors to MLA interviewed Antero Alli recently, focused on the 8 Circuit Model.
Circuit Six collage by Bogus
If you know what I refer to, you will definitely find this rewarding.
If you don't, you could follow our labels to other related posts.....or take one of Antero's online courses at the MLA. (does that count as an advert?)

Shrewd, subtle and penetrating questions, and wonderful lucid (and ludic) answers from Antero.

Mike Gathers interviews Antero Alli at Key 64.

You can also find it on the MLA Info-Blog now.

On the last course, Antero encouraged us to make our own set of 'Tarot-style' cards of the eight circuits. I've put one here to break up the words.

You can see the rest of my own Bogus system collages here.

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