Friday, August 03, 2007

New Courses for the Fall

Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot
Lon Milo DuQuette / August 13 - September 30 / $135

Myths, Invocations and Rituals
Patricia Monaghan / September 3 - October 28 / $125

Erik Davis / September 17 - November 11 / $120

Well, it may have gone a little quiet during the summer semester in the main forum (or maybe that’s just because I have STFU) but MLA has plenty of goodies for The Fall, including a new experiment, self-directed courses. These will run without a tutor/facilitator, and the syllabus will cover similar ground to previous courses, offering a chance for students to continue work on the material, on their own.

Now His Serene Absence has moved on to higher pursuits this seems like a great chance to help amplify and complete his work. The Tale of the Tribe course will include and expand upon work RAW originally offered in two of his courses: The Ideogrammic Method, and The Tale of the Tribe.

The first two S-D offerings are Robert Anton Wilson's Tale of the Tribe and Philip H. Farber's Meta-Magick.

MLA Self-Directed Course - Tale of the Tribe

An Interactive Exploration
with Robert Anton Wilson

10 week access to S-D Course Site
For more info, $60

Derived from Robert Anton Wilson's landmark MLA courses 'The Ideogrammic Method' and 'Tale of the Tribe,' this self-directed course bridges the political, the social and the psychological in a mix only Wilson conjure. Starring Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound, Alfred Korzybski, James Joyce and Buckminster Fuller -- the nucleus of the extraordinary minds that have helped shape the information age of 21st century and the mindscape of Robert Anton Wilson. Follow RAW through the labyrinths of Joyce and Pound as we learn to perceive/conceive in non-Aristotelian categories and join the Global Village.

MLA Self-Directed Course - Meta-Magick

Where Magick Meets the Brain
with Philip H Farber

10 week access to S-D Course Site
For more info, $55

NB: for students who already participated in these courses, I believe you may get a reduced price, email Admin for advice on this.

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