Thursday, August 30, 2007

Health Issues

Boomtime, 23rd of Bureaucracy, YOLD 3173

MLA field agent, Ko, has just posted a great set Bob's playof links and info after hir visit to the 2007 conference of the Centre for Orgonomic Research and Education (on Reichian subjects)...which you can read and refer to in the public part of the general forum, here. If the link don't work, the vandals took the can always find it in General Discussion under Orgonomania Revisited...

And speaking of health:

I hear that Kent (the founding editor for MQ) has had an extremely stressful and unpleasant time with the state of his health, recently - but still shares the planet with us, and will be back at his desk ASAP. I feel sure that all the old-timers of the MLA send him their best wishes...

You can find a link to The Kentroversy Pages on our list of members' blogs.


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