Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh blood, Hot Links, Good Gravy!

I am happy to pass along word of a new blog dedicated to the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson:

The blog is written by Tom Jackson and offers a daily posting of his RAW thoughts. He even seems to be a fan of our very own DJ Steve Fly Agaric 23!

I'll add the site to the "breaking news" widget in the OM sidebar.

Along similar lines, Bandito recently popped into to share links to recently archived RAW realist articles.

Another new blog I came across is written by someone called PQ and centers around two of my very favorite subjects: James Joyce & Baseball.

This blog came to my attention due to the recent interesting conjuncture of Joyce & Baseball when an Umpire named Jim Joyce came to national attention for a blown call that cost a pitcher his perfect game. The story then takes an unexpectedly heartwarming turn and everyone learns a valuable lesson about sportsmanship, honor, and synchronicity. PQ does it a great service in his series on the matter.

Our very own DJ Steve Fly Agaric 23 turns up in this blog as well! Along with a sidebar link to OM's Wings of Art post.

For my own part I'm keeping well busy at the drawing board. Exciting stuff to share soon!

What do you think of the "You Might Also Like" Doohickey I installed? Really kinda opens the place up a bit I think.



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