Thursday, April 01, 2010

Forums may have gone up in smoke

You may notice that the Feed to the MLA forum doesn't work right now.

The forum had several problems, which discouraged people from actively using it, so a redesign has gone on, which has definitely improved the general appearance of the site, but seems to have lost (temporarily?) all the old posts - and any chance to start new ones, for the time being.

We'll see.

[Update 7th April 2010]:
In case you don't dig into Comments, I should say the new forum looks terrific, and everything I have tried works fine. So good, that this post now almost counts as an April Fool panic joke.

Many thanks to Clyde, as ever.


Ratatosk said...

New forums coming after the server upgrade tonight (4-2/4-3). Old information has been salvaged :)

Steve Fly said...

New Forums and new light and connectivity toys seem to be working and growing day to day. Looking good and thankyou Ratatosk, I hope we can migrate in groups between our web portals.


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