Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zer Cool!

solarized conspiracy

We had a good time (far too short) in Berlin. It seemed very peaceful, lots of greenery and parkland, a virtually invisible police presence, a genuinely bohemian and creative vibe in many places. A few quick pix (no time for words right now).


We walked all over the place, with odd but OK weather (although too hot for Chris!) We never really got rained off, which we had expected.

Goat's Head Five

We explored parks and squats, tourist attractions and back streets.

A certain amount of eating and drinking and smoking occured.

We went to a couple of clubs - heard some good music...

A mazed

And we talked, talked, talked...

I have no idea how people see us, whether as a bohemian arts group, the James Joyce Appreciation Society, an anarchic symposium on alternative economies, or just a bunch of sinister clowns.

stopping for a drink
Bogus and Tons

alternative currencies with Marx and Engels

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fuzzbuddy said...

Thanks Bogus Magus!
Once I've slept I look forward to seeing more photos.
take care,
Fuzzbuddy =)


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