Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Berlin 2009 MLA Cut-Up.

every breath, more by a friend
A time, again.
Sitting in seat number 23.
Watching the cake-walk.
That sweet SPICE digital weather Earshots
But no damp or and talking
Sitting sight,

But they Corporate Exstinguishing
On strange
Conversations and coffee and friendlyness.
The laughter, Spittlemarkt and we
Cannot speak talked plenty after places after traces
Of beer served of

Suspense, riffing and down Flexible minds,
Distinguished what maybe?
And Long Pleasant pool
A day space changed, of ‘cannot of each feedback
Oh jolly NLP, Joyce in the thought
With web buddies.

Forgetting Wittgenstein
In concrete with glass:
Light pink and grey, music. Mothman in the drinks
To spreek what? and self owning ones.

Three became head between her’s, his England, Netherlands
Walking Loops – next,
Beatbox, Synth sampler multi the air,
So and sincerity (SINCERITAS)

Humour, (HILARITOOTH) riots 67') another incredible
Piece and spilt Arlen – must pass rants
Sky, breaks the net love you shrubbery blend is for for vegetable
E Space developers.
The head.
Temporary Clusters a br

Us off pist' societies, people and tribes Caligraffed Everywhere
East street art, stickers, overgrown
Sidewalks talk and music, Free world word Stadium – fuzz.
Diving board - splash,
Out place, time

A thread-workers.
Live interknitting. electronic
Stage space,

My screen to not to quote?
Literally - Talk of about we to be
Present. I, chasing
Wittgenstein until I people and Hash
V is Saturn
And (Detroit maybeee's
Most tolle'rant masterfully,

Snowboarding over the Wiener contact, smiles, spoken and smoking thermal spirit of in Chapels
Handmade KFC, Burger rock band A-Ha of Shen and jokes not bombs.
Deconstruction of of playing and listening
All-at-once, with PLUCKING movie, book the edge of eternity, to say
I lifted once description of out of mini Norse rockers.
Time and seven from great Europe Congratulations Elffolk
Some light pale wet

- Sunshine on a over delectable text
No Starbuck, Street - business for
City temporary clusters of meaning
Out, Eurolines
To swerve cheer, Laffta
Play of what not nearly after noons place and spin
Imaginations ping whim - Walking up

words lost?
And fielded back for another connect capatain, image and word, LO!
TV, yes

--Steve Fly.
Berlin 22-25th
July 2009.07.26
sea black felt good I want street corners
The cream of mushroom soup
B landing.
Shem and of meaning almost pot some friends
Eye six and seven, eight!
Experienced beer waffle
Tales of smoking

Eating words heart
Norse female Iggy Pop of Live anchor.
Dillinger Rules unspeakable. Wisdom and calm mouth.

Dillinger Rules say speak’
B'ham, notes)
Wild cards many BOB's
Had Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logio-Philosopicus. were saved by
Friends and nutrient knowledge
And has it.

Heavenly No Mouse, No Moustache’
No with a thousand
Habits, likes, dislikes and and form shook up
Whole wind
Of deep the street

Housing of memory
Graffiti on Churches, friends...Sparks dart fembot pop?
Groove pool table Hot Coach on U2 train East!
To time.
Korzybski in wild trills' dutch soup back with speeching a trunk full Morrison
Talk of over in thinkers
Friends, maybes

Even cutting kickback
Banter. what "is", cats and is fur’ Rings around other
Dylan and them fielded loving perceptive forcast
The pintter-patter of Blackberry maps.

Heavens crunched Belgium, Germany, are close by rumour crossed wired
Laughter, carrots, strawberries & Tea, on (words)
Drop subject matter
Syntax enough
And talked AIR

Synchonous “aha’s” “wow’s” and
Names foot plot truth,
Sincere, On chat,
With old feel honoured look
Away towards Day
Out of in the I thought

Each 5 minutes became we, Schnitzel ridges
And and Grant in the gush of Laptop Pissa’
Off lifting punk King in on the Phone,
The loud cracking yokes.
Pushing over my the great wrestler

Of sense, ourselves as a non and’
Some of their’s – a one man music showman the Pool.
How many home-base run
Around of the RA played a joke...

Scrambles (invocation of Fun everyone…. ”What we cannot speak Eyeline, and rainy day.
Alreadymade all, and many distinguished
Happy Beer H is for wall, dodgy up and and them a mutter
Who? four, five, life.
English was and listened story, mine,
His, and drinking, one night,
Rico instru'

- The I thought.
The swimming,
Yoga, Novel video recording, sunshine
HemJoymint and word, a (HUMANITAS)
Free minds cast into screen
Drop names not bombs
To quote or of life!

Here's silence” – my teeth the encyclone' styles of the street, Escher
No Skype, but SUN The hero's rants without punctuation!
All of about, with in the vents.
High City food A Chapel Emulsion
Writing in technicoloured in the electronica - Iraq

A stolen of Olympic and off naked lunch.
Good hard to waves of
Maybe a wall
Of pong
Bouncing from saying and on a and the....


tons said...

my cerebral cerberus doesn't understand but I bob it anyway.

how is everyone? berlin is still smoldering with your presence/past.

Bogus Magus said...

I feel pretty good for a man with a day job. :-)

I wish I had returned to self-employed (I enjoyed those 33 years) but 'retirement' (magical or not) will arrive soon, and I Will have to find stuff to do with all that time...

I just went down to Somerset, and then Cornwall, with Julie and the dog (Dandy) - so we had some beach walks, and long talks, and so on.

My friend Ray talks much the same way we do - so I could carry on with conspiracies, and alternative histories, and the illusions of money, unusual weather and other anomalies (even if Julie drifts off into sleep as we rant the night away). It helped soften the blow of missing all you people again, already.

Roll on 2010! We didn't discuss it, but Oxford sounded like a rumour (?)


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