Monday, December 15, 2008

Parental Guidance: contains implicit language

clan tattoo
I didn’t mean to be sly at all, but can’t help but find myself influenced by the company I have kept at the Maybe Logic Academy. A bunch of manipulators of language and creators of sigils tend to influence a person.

I met quite a few adepts of one kind or another. A lot of esoteric chat still occurs that goes over my head.

The whole thing here at OM just grew and grew as an extrusion of the forums and courses online (all of which continue).

It became a node for links to student's own blogs (see list down the right) -

- ranging from DR003.4K's THEATRE OV DISCONTENT to Borsky's 'Pataphysical Clinamen, from Dedroidify (whatever happened to him?)to Acrillic's World Piss:Spore of the Words).

We have also added links to other interesting places (when the MLA started I simply couldn’t keep up with all the links to fabulous things and places online that got thrown at me).

And I hardly even notice how much of the time I write in E-Prime, now (except when I don’t).

But that doesn’t mean anything.

[He flings himself onto a horse, and rides off madly in all directions...]


BeN tR0VaT0. said...

aaaaawe.some F.X.

BeN tR0VaT0. said...

SOS - WHERE THE FUCK IS bogus when you need him. BY THE WAY i'm in edinburgh without a passport or bank card.

BeN tR0VaT0. said...

Not that that matters.

Bogus Magus said...

up in the hills mate, out of range of almost everything...


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