Tuesday, October 28, 2008


“Eins upon a space...”
koan-fusing the pen & post of me in friendly fire amor. (epiphonly!)

The Bard’s charmrag, a new colour for the States, princess of spendgeld! And to think of all the angels wished & stars announced under pretense of disposal. A cad’s luck tired but true, yet the market’s maid bares more than mere tales of the rub. Hilaritas rivers from atum’s all-chemical “mind”, plot-Plot-PLOT.

The same hindrances repeat, counting the great wall’s mortar (One More AGEN) A Humpty fall for wiz, never say broken! Open, aye open. The asylum laughs, We bow wow. “Blondie Could show!” Scoop up the hod, neck’s showing nine.

Ways & means well backstage, Molly shan’t look
& Leo won’t speak, way of the same her, I.

Pockets twice less than zero, unless the levity blooms, S.M.I.2.L.E. peasently myself, and Nobody’ll eventually guess what I doobie dewing. (SUNYATA!)

The yawning mask in the wall socket occidentally blesses my digital overload have mercy! Sink-Our-Niceties Daoing De Coin-Sea-Dance? Nope, nah, never, the pittance doesn’t cover. (unless certain quantities elixir and those only fairy fuel moments, water through fingers, knock on wood!)

DEIMAN teas'me: “Always or Again?”, Maybe: Both, Neither, All? Wave & Particle Parallax! Namu Iam thrice declined the crown, carries burning circle w/ falling sickness, even still: itsy bitsy spider-moon excelsior spirals! Everything’s going to be all light.

The nightress outside balloons, I go to Wawa! Wawa! Wawa! Wawa! Walhalla! Archaos fauxly civilized, the antipodes glow through the gloss, "very interfacing!"

shall Kingdom Come to kNOw GOoD, Mabinog combusts the schism, the will to power of love is the law. Let the process work!

A. I. WAS straight lunching
in the great pumpkin patch,
precapitulating non-bifurcation.
Timespace, Bodymind, Dream@wake,

Pair of dimes, Swift.

Parsifal’s lost cause got jokes, Why Not!?



Bobby Campbell said...

Who should ever grok the 2 Esthers pun wins a white carnation!

Steve Fly said...

Well, you seem to write like M.C Esther here. A pleasure to read. You've reset the bar, and i, just fell off my toad-stool...

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks for the Swift response and insider tip, Bobby, I'd have lain awake at night, wondering about the 2 Esthers...

Wonderful Joycesprekken, I reckon.

Bobby Campbell said...

Much obliged,fellas!

Takes one to read one, like, y'know, whatever!

Bobby Campbell said...

Oh right!

Note: "Mabinog"

Which easily leans toward "Maybe Logic"

From Joseph Campbell's Hero w/ a Thousand Faces:

"A mabinog (Welsh) is a bard's apprentice. The term Mabinogi, "juvenile instruction," denotes the traditional material (myths, legends, poems, etc.) taught to a mabinog, and which it was his duty to acquire by heart."

The plural of "mabinog" is "mabinogion."


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