Friday, May 09, 2008

Maybe the Last Post

From now on, we hope that OM updates will continue, but within the campus site, and (hopefully) become a more democratic affair - used by more students.

We did start off as a collaborative group project here, nearly 3 years ago, but contributions slowly dwindled to become more or less dominated by offerings from me and Bobby.

I feel very proud of what we (and The Third Mind) constructed, and want to leave this Blogger version online as an archive, because we have a complex collections of links (see the right hand column) and a dense set of offerings (see the Imperfect Index) which the neonate Mojoblog simply couldn't handle as an Import right now.

But I accept the inevitable, and assume the time for change has arrived. I intend to use the OM website as my own personal way to compile, edit, point to, sift, play with the stuff we already have made, and generally goof-off from trying to stay topical. I might even finally sit down and write that damned book.

My Work Here Is Done.

Over and Out.

Amor et Hilaritas.

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