Saturday, May 31, 2008

As if it matters...

I always imagine our visitors as passing through - so rarely bother to explain the goings-on around here.

For 3 years we ran this blog as a semi-official students' site, linked to the Maybe Logic Academy, and supplementing the quarterly magazine output.

In the recent rebuild of the campus we got invited to move inside. So now we have a blog incorporated into the campus with (confusingly to some) the same name. It doesn't yet have a lot of bells and whistles, whereas this one seems like a coral-reef encrusted with useful or interesting links so I tend to drop back here, and can't quite abandon ship just yet.

Do I explain, or leave you to explore?
David Rapapport at the Cottesloe Theatre in Ken Campbell's stage version of Illuminatus
Markoff Chaney (for instance) remains a very subversive character in RAWilson's books (most notably Illuminatus!) who puts up vaguely insulting or threatening notices in public places and private offices, apparently signed by the Management (The Mgt) but really from MC himself (the midget).

Does that spoil or illuminate the joke?

Hey, these Blogger Labels work real nice!

I just tried The Mgt, and got a blog cut including RAW, PKD, Bob Dobbs, Bob Dylan and Ken Campbell, and all sorts. "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be", to quote Peter de Vries (who may never have even heard of E-Prime)...

(Note: you'll need your red-green 3-D glasses for October 14th)

Maybe this blog will just float now, become self-rererential and more complex...

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