Sunday, January 22, 2017

One Last Chance - auction of RAW memorabilia

Long term students of RAW, members of the Maybe Logic Academy, and even subscribers to this blog, will know about the auctions done in Bob's last few months, to help with his medical expenses, etc.

Bob Campbell devised a unique currency for RAW to sign (and make 'real') which got sold off;  Old Bob sold off various of his Tarot packs, card by card; most interestingly (particularly if you are into psychometry), he began to sell of bits and pieces from his home - T-shirts, magazines, art, trinkets, etc.

[Note: the links to eBay auctions, in the above mentioned posts from 2006, will no longer work]

Well, if you missed those events, you get a second chance - because RAW's daughter Christine has decided to put a few more of his personal possessions up for auction - and you can tune into the action here.

More items will apparently get added over the coming days.

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