Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Cosmic Trigger play - updates

New cover from Nic Alderton

Gathering of the Cosmic Fools

Word of the day: apophenia – the human tendency to find patterns amongst random data / signals.
[See Ian 'Cat' Vincent's blog entry here]

From the email/newsletter from Meesh:

"So, on the weekend of Saturday January 23rd 2016, we will be gathering somewhere in NW London, to begin making good on our promise to get the play to Santa Cruz, USA, by July 23rd 2017, following a second UK run. We will do this by putting our heads together and getting to work on the practicalities, as well as coming up with ways to keep it Heroic/Magical/Capertastic.


We will need all kinds of help. Good job so many of you lot are proper amazing.  [...]

Also on this day will be the signing of The Cosmic Book of True Will for all those foolish enough to tell Goddess your Plans. You write your intention in this book, sign it (in something akin to blood) and achieve it by July 23rd 2016 - but if any one of us fails - WE BURN THE BOOK! No pressure, then.

Until then, KLF - Keep Lasagne Flying

PS:  if you feel unlucky that you didn't get to see the play under discussion, you may catch a glimpse of what you missed in this video:

Cosmic Trigger Theatrical Promo from C S on Vimeo.

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