Monday, February 03, 2014

Joyce's Birthday - and a funny letter he wrote

In celebration of James Joyce's birth date (yesterday) Brain Pickings published a funny letter  that he "wrote to Harriet Shaw Weaver on June 24, 1921, mere months before Ulysses was published by Sylvia Beach."

James Joyce’s Humorous Morphology of the Many Outrageous Myths about Him

How the celebrated author earned a reputation as a lazy coke-head movie mogul with a peculiar clock habit.

NB: Brain Pickings remains a delight, and worth subscribing to (or just exploring).

They also have here, a selection of etchings that Matisse did for a limited edition of Ulysses...

And here's another treat:


michael said...

Great catches, all of these. I read Maria Popova's stuff in the New Yorker. Whatever she looks like ( I don't know) she's sexy to me.

re: What Joyce says about other people's assumptions about him: RAW as CIA agent. RAW as a gun-runner for the Black Panthers. RAW as satanic cult leader and head of the Illuminati, planting falsehoods because who would guess the Leader is the very one who...?

Anonymous said...

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