Tuesday, January 14, 2014


“These people, Joyce, to some degree Pound, McLuhan, they were the prophets of the world in which we now stand, the world of integrated interactive media, extraordinary data retrieval that erases the 17th century notion of the unconscious. Nothing is now unconscious if your data search commands are powerful enough.”
Terence McKenna in Riding Range w/ Marshall McLuhan

If we're going to live in a Brave New World / 1984 mashup can I at least humbly request that my Netflix recommendations be a bit more doubleplusgood?

I originally drew the Joyce & Pound / 0 & 1 bit for RAW's now mythic Tale of The Tribe class, in reaction to his observation that (pardon my poor paraphrasing) Pound's The Cantos modeled history as linear progression moving up & down (from inferno to paradiso), and that Joyce's Finnegans Wake modeled history as a cyclic process going round & round (from swerve of shore to bend of bay). With further nudging by his equation that Joyce + Pound + Mcluhan = Internet.  (I may not have that notation exactly right, Mcluhan may have been a multiplier, but you get the idea)

My first exchange with RAW concerned the shape of things to come.  I proposed to him the model of an escalating spiral, to which he said he agreed, though wasn't dogmatic about it. I do find it encouraging though what visual concept results from combining the historical trajectories of both Joyce & Pound...



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