Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sounds Like...

This blog, as a spin-off to the Maybe Quarterly magazine, tends to present finished pieces, like articles, so we spend a lot less time chatting through it.  We don't use the word "I" [the bogus magus] that much around here.

We [the multiple editors and contributors] don't necessarily co-ordinate articles, because that way we can remain pleasantly surprised by each other's contributions.

It sounds as though Bobby Campbell intends to re-publish his comic @Gnosis here, serialized, which I can only recommend as I love his stuff. 
(What do people say?  Add this to your favorites, or subscribe to this page?  Watch this Space!)  
Whatever.  Coming soon!

For The Birds
” … he asked me … whether my title was merely a joke. I said: No. I am for the birds, not for the cages in which people sometimes place them.”  John Cage.

I have found myself celebrating John Cage (100 years since his birthday, and his piece "As Slow As Possible" may take 639 years and end in 2640).

The new book about him "Where the Heart Beats" (John Cage, Zen Buddhism and the Inner Life of Artists) [New York Review here] has landed on my desk and may consume the next few days.  However, it does seem a trifle esoteric for general Facebook Friends...

By spontaneous links in FB, however, I found myself on the wonderful UbuWeb, who had recordings of The Nova Convention from 1978 (which I only had as an old, pirate, cassette). So, returning to the theme of acoustic contributions (rather than the written word) you can listen to John Cage there, (14 minutes) reading the opening pages of Finnegans Wake, and then his own mesostic cut-up of the same opening passage.

Even better, I now found on Vimeo a 60 minute video of his

Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake by John Cage

Oh, and also on Nova Convention at UbuWeb, you will find conversations involving Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary (being heckled). William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, etc.  You can also hear Frank Zappa reading The Talking Asshole section from Burroughs' "Naked Lunch"; a great vocoder piece from Laurie Anderson; Patti Smith, Terry Southern, Philip Glass, John Giorno, Allen Ginsburg and so much stuff I don't want to make separate links.

Just visit UbuWeb - The Nova Convention - and choose yer own samples.

I also found the Zappa piece on Dangerous Minds, where it says he stood in for Keith Richards, who had visa problems getting into the USA.

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Bobby Campbell said...

Right on, Bogus! Thank you very much for the kind advance press!

John Cage's Roaratorio continues to delight me. "To irrigate the willingdone!"


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