Saturday, March 10, 2012

One drop changes everything

How extraordinary to see a film about acid - perhaps the 21st Century will eventually become rational (or at least unhysterical) about the issue.

Ken Kesey and Furthur

To supplement the film - The Substance -you can find an excellent website, with details of the film, showings, and also sections on the current legal situation, applications and other fascinating stuff - About LSD.

Albert Hofmann, quietly researching, long before all the nonsense


Bobby Campbell said...

A couple of recent mainstream media stories tease the long awaited return of scientific research:

LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking'

Your Brain On Psilocybin Might Be Less Depressed

Alias Bogus said...

Thanks, Bobby!

As ever, LSD seems to work in a different way than other substances (replacing heroin with a methadone habit, for instance). According to that BBC article one dose has a positive effect on alcoholic behaviour for up to six months!

It's also interesting to note that the psilocybin research implies a lessening of activity in a 'controlling centre' which seems to make people cling to 'reality' leading to OCD behaviour, anxiety and depression.
Fascinating to me, that the casual language of The Sixties and after knew that the straight world was uptight, and needed to loosen up to feel happier with the world.


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