Thursday, October 27, 2011

RAW Bookplate

I don't know if his library ever actually got cataloged, but I was asked to scribble this up way back when (Late '06),  in anticipation of the project. 


Eric Wagner said...

Great illustration, Bobby. I remember a picture of Tim Leary's library appearing on the internet a few years ago.

Bobby Campbell said...

Thank you kindly, sir!

I didn't notice until I drew the "Insider's Guide" version of the Tempio that in this one I was working from a reversed source photo! So the Tempio here appears backwards.

The last contact I had w/ RAW, a week or so before he died, was him asking what the building in the background was.

Part of me wants to think that RAW noticed the error, and was busting balls about it!

Eric Wagner said...

You can see Tim in his library here:

Only nine years until the Tim Leary Centennial.


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